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Jak Da Wildcard's Interview

Q: What's projects are you currently working on?

A: My “Tenth Forever” Deluxe Album 

Q: What is your most popular song?

A: “Brown Skin (Ann)” ft. SayGoldiee

Q: Who are your top 5 favorite artist?

A: Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Future

Q: What drives you to do music?

A: Pain, doubt, arrogance, happiness, and anger

Q: Describe your support system and how it makes you feel in detail?

A: My support system were mostly my friends of the family and my family itself. But when I started to get out more, release more music in different audiences my buzz started to grow so now I get even more support. 

Q: What are your views on current politics?

A: I personally don’t fw politics I mind my business because politicians lie too much. 

Q: How much time do you spend in a studio per week?

A: Slow week about 22 but on a good week I may spend 40 plus hours in the studio. 

Q: What mainstream artist would you want to make a song with?

A: As of right now Nocap he’s just different. 

Q: How did you come up with your artist name?

A: Jak was a childhood name given to me by my grandfather Jack, “Da Wildcard” cane from being unpredictable. 

Q: What are your views on the criminal justice system?

A: They fucking suck at it I been free out the feds for 2 almost three years now and shit keeps getting worse. 

Q: Describe how music impacts people in their everyday lives?

A: Overall just how they relate to it. How it gets them through their hard times and celebration music for the good times. 

Q: When did you record your first song and describe this experience?

A: My first song was recorded in a double wide trailer using a pc microphone on wave lab with Dez Worthy lol. Experience was unlike any other and I’ve been chasin that same high ever since. 

Q: What do you feel it takes to be a major artist in the industry today?

A: Kissing too much ass and I don’t kiss ass at all lol. 

Q: What do you feel your best quality is as a person?

A: Just being a father to my children. 

Q: What are some future careers are you striving to move towards and why?

A: Truck driving, barbering, and music because I enjoy all three and these occupations pay well. 

Q: Are you a supporter of criminal justice reform? (If so why?)

A: Of course I am I’ve dealt with it myself going to federal prison and all. Railroading black men like myself happens every ten minutes in the U.S.

Q: What goals you want to meet as an artist?

A: Every last one of them, starting with being successful. 

Q: Where do you see your career in the next 5 years?

A: Beyond the stars I’m putting it all on the line. 

Q: What is your favorite designer brand?

A: I have no favorites I wear them all. 

Q: Do you travel if so how often?

A: Yes and as much as I can bring on federal probation and all. 

Q: Do you wish to be sponsored by Platinum Genz?

A: Hell yea who doesn’t want a sponsor these days? But yea

Q: What inspired you want to become an artist?

A: my childhood friend Desmond Worthy, he paved the way and taught me how to count bars. 

Q: What are your views in mental health and why?

A: It’s real I go through it everyday and it can destroy you if you’re not built for it. 

Q: What is your religious belief?

A: Sunni Muslim

Q: What genre of music do you categorize yourself as and why?

A: Confessional hip-hop and R&B 

Q: What advise would you give to upcoming artist?

A: Never give up because there’s always a way to succeed 

Q: Do you plan on staying independent or have hope of getting signed?

A: it’s unclear at this point. I want to sign a deal but independence is more lucrative.

Q: Does your music reflect your personality and why?

A: yes it does, my personality is my truth and true self so I bring that with me into every song. 

Q: What is your favorite song that was released 2021 by any artist?

A: Quando Rondo - Time Spent 

Instagram: @jakslotchy_88

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Izzy King's Networth Grows 

26 year old Marqueas Buchanan a.k.a Izzy King is a young artist who records all of his music from prison. Marqueas has made numerous of appearances online on major blogs and on A&E's very own beyond scared straight TV Show. According to numerous of articles that have surfaced online. Marqueas is serving a 30 year sentence for a murder that he didn't pull a trigger behind. There have been numerous of rumors of how his case had been unfair due to him being sentenced in the same court house the victim of his case worked in.

Now after being incarcerated since January 28th of 2013 Marqueas has grown a major net worth with the accomplishments he has made in such a short time period. He is the first black male to debued a pair of designer shoes from prison which can be found online that are hand made in Italy and Each pair are sold for a little over $250. Within the last year Marqueas has published his 1st book, Enough is Enough, which can be found for sell for $10 for the paperback book $5 for the ebook on Amazon and kindle unlimited. Marqueas also has debued his own brand of blutooth headphones which are a limited edition. "Becoming an entupenur from prison isn't as easy as it seems when people only see you for what you've done rather than who you've grown to be." 

Marqueas also has recently launched a clothing line with the help of his wife which is a his and hers collection which is a registered LLC owner buisness. He also is currently working on a magazine of his own to help exploit young talent and also help them gain validation within their communities they live in to receive local support. All of his brands are growing at a higher rate, the more people sees his work. According to every sell accounted for Marqueas he has made over time estimated that his net worth ranges from $10,000 - $20,000. This was amazingly accomplished from prison. 

Marqueas Buchanan a.k.a Izzy King took the definition of investing in yourself serious when it came to his music. Izzy has records of gaining over 12.3k streams on his latest release within a week time period which is only a start. There have bee reports from fans that, "Ticket by Izzy King" is one of the most influential songs he released. Prison has put so many limitations on the expected guidelines Marqueas has to walk through as an artist. His story of succession should be motivation for anyone who reads it for them to question if you are comfortable with your life and what more can you accomplish in life.

Instagram: @iam_izz4L
Facebook: @iam_izz4L

Baby Loaded Sponsored Highlights

Baby Loaded is a 20 year old artist from morehead, Kentucky that who has an inspiring story behind his music. During an interview conducted by one of our team members Baby Loaded was asked how did COVID 19 effect him? He stated how he was in college and was forced to drop out for medical reasons which is one of the pillars he uses as an artist to stay motivated as an artist. He also stated how he has been taking music serious for about two years now and he wants to expand through professional promotion, Concerts, and Starting his own brand.

FDG Loud Interviewed

Artist name? FDG Loudd
2. What is the reason that you started doing music? Growing Up Watching My Pops And Big Bro Kountry Rap 
3. What are your so views on the current music industry? These Days I Feel Like You Don’t Need Talent To Be Apart Of The Industry it’s all about attention 
4. What is one of your most valued achievements as an artist? Touching My First 20k Views On My Convertible Love Music Video 
5. What message do you want the youth to take from you and your music? You Can Be Anything You Wanna Be In Life Don’t Let Anyone tell you different 
6. What motivates you as an artist to continue making music as a career? Knowing that I gotta family to feed and ion want them have to struggle they whole life , so I know I gotta go harder 
7. When did you record your first song and describe that experience? 2014 Me and My Homie Juse Used to skipped school just to hit the studio . No Lie that’s when I fell I love with music even more I never wanted to leave the studio .
8. Describe your work setting? ( Do you be alone or with a large amount of people... Ect ) I usually be alone but if not alone it’ll be 3 people at the max . Ion really like a crowd of people when I’m working.
9. Describe ur expectations you set for yourself and what you want to accomplish weekly? Every week I just wanna be farther than I was the past week . Go Day By Day 
10. How many hours do you dedicate to your music? About 8 - 10 hours a day 
11. Describe your upbringing and how do you feel this influenced your music? I came from nothing and when I say nothing I’m talking roaches in the cereal box (nothing ) we had it hard it never been easy .We Done Been Homeless , Staying in houses that’s falling apart , cold showers. cold winters and hot summers . So in my music I just speak the real .I don’t fake nothing if you listen to my music you’ll get to know me frfr.
12. What kind of music would you consider yourself making? I make pain music but I’m also versatile so I’ll mix it up so dey get tired of it but even then ima make sure it’s facts .
13. Describe your local support as best as you can? I mean it could be better , I love the city but instead of coming together the city divided so it’s different cliques so the supporters only support who they look with but it’s straight tho .
14. What other avnues of buisness would you like to branch off into in the near future? Acting , Real estate, and eventually I wanna start signing artist of my own 
15. Where do you see your career in 6 months.
I’m tryna be one the greatest just in 6 months I’m tryna have millions of views on multiple videos .
16. What is your main focus as an artist and what do you want to be improve? Ima continue working on my craft and flow I feel like you can never be too good at something.
17. What's your latest release and where can people find it? I just released Convertible Love and Criticism , You Can Find Them Both On All Major Platforms (Apple music ) Spotify .. etc
18. Are you currently working on any other projects? My Mixtape Black Hearted Dropping August 20th 2021 will be available on all platforms . Make sure you go get that .
19. What artist hip-hop legends influenced you to have your style? I grew up listening to 50 cent , Snoop Dogg , T.I and I can’t forget about Chris Brown 
20. What would you want an upcoming artist to know that is just starting their career. Once you start you gotta continue going hard . ain’t no slacking because it’s new artists everyday so the fans will forget about you if you don’t stay relevant 

It’s A Man World’s But I’m The boss

Marqueas Buchanan