Young Dolph's Killers Allegedly Goes Live Showing PRE Chain

Young Dolph's alleged killers went live showing off the PRE Chain along with more bragging about taking chains off rappers neck while showing guns. 

Yo Gotti Gets Back Lash From Memphis

Memphis is giving Yo Gotti back lash under the speculation of allegedly being involved with Young Dolph's Murder. 

Jackboy Responds to Kodak Beef

Jackboy Responds to Kodak blacks dis track " super grimlin" with "Don't Force My Hand" in so many words saying that he doesn't want to beef with sombody from his own wave and culture. Kodak puts the news of how Jackboy his former artist signed to "Sniper Gang" has filed a lawsuits. The details of the lawsuit have not been disclosed as to why but the young rappers both continue entertaining their fans with music because it is expected that this beef will come to a stop between the two. Nothing has officially been announced from either artist agreeing on squashing the beef but online new media outlets have reported to assume the beef is over.

Izzy Gets People's Attention From Prison

Izzy King Gets people's attention with his most popular song that generate 75k streams across all platforms from prison.
Marqueas Buchanan